In numerology as well as astrology this occult science is based on these nine planets.We can say they are our nine lords,who governed our lives.Many people fear with few planets and many have various misconcepts in their minds.I would like to educated you that every planet have both the tendencies and it is not sure that malefic always give bad result.It depends upon their combination or associations with others.Not only that we may make them favourable for us by doing some extra effort.but to find a best solution you need a good numerologist who is also have the knowledge of astrology,then only you find a best solution for that problem/condition.In numerology you will find a best solution which shall be effective for that entire period and you may over come with that.Their are many solution for every solution,that is why I prefer numerology fully supported by astrology.It gives us double power,or just like a booster for your engine.


In Astrology as well as in numerology many people have fear with "SATURN".At some extend its true but it is also true that if we are able to keep in favour SATURN the one can become the king or supreme power of this world and only saturn have the power to do it.But why saturn haraas the people.The reason is very simple and authentic too.Saturn is the son of sun.but he dont obey the sun being a lord of justice.Yes saturn is the chief justice of this world.He always do justice and give his judgement.so if the native had done any type of crime with anybody then saturn will surley punish him when his period start in natives life and if the native is honest,truthful then saturn will bless them with heavy bonus and the one may become the king or supreme power of this world.Mostly kings had blessed by Saturn.Yes its true and not only that many prime minister are also blessed by saturn that is why they become the prime minister.From pandit Nehru to Atal Bihari Bajpai.Not even in india as well as in many other countries top bureaucartes has been blessed by Saturn and they gain top positions in their country.So be honest and truthful and then just feel it.Obviously your past life and present life shall be counted for the same.so keep try to make him favorable forever to bring your good fortune by both the ways.for more details you may contact to me if having some problem with saturn.


From the ancient time in this world,astrologers and Pandit have terrorised the people with DEADLY DARE DEVILS "URANUS" but it is not true that uranus always hit the person.Trust me,what ever I am telling you here is purely based on my experience as well as my research too.Uranus dont have power himself.If it is associated with malefic will give you bad result/effect and if it is with benefic will give you good result.Sometimes it gives us bad effect just like saturn but the second part of that story is that it teaches us a lesson,a lesson which life teach us and it is 100% perfect.Not only that it also give you wisdom and time to complete your new project in your bad time which shall be good one later on.So in other words it just taking trial before the final so that native can win the race and more over you may correct your self.Sometime it tests our patience so everybody should be cool and calm as this year Our Great Hero "sachin Tendulkar " is also trailed by this urnaus as he is in his 40th year in this 2012 which represents uranus that is why he got some trouble and give resigen from cricket.In fact sachin has to wait till march 2013 and after that he could gain his form back but he dont keep patience and give resigen in the pressure.So one might thought that if tendulkar is unable to manage,then how could we.Their are so many ways to come out such problem.for that you need a good numerologist who can understand your problem and can diagnose your problem's root.But trust me their are so many ways by which we can minimise this negative effect of the uranus.

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