As per numerology your name must be according to your day number.If the vibration of name is not well as per your day number then definately you will suffer a lot through out your life despite all worship or by just wearing a stone either as per numerology or astrology.If you dont believe this you may check live example of sachin tendulkar whoes name is not add up to well and he is in 40th year that is why from the last one year he is not able to perform well as well as he has taken retirement too.Then you may ask why he has gain so heights in cricket then my answer is :He is ruled by venus and jupiter and more importantly jupiter is working gracfully for him that why he is able to join cricket in very young age and not only that his number is favorable for india too.So he got this heights in cricket.

    Another example is "MALCOM MARSHELL "the worlds fastest bowler rest are just a side in comparison to marshall.I can not forget those days when marshall was playing on the ground.When west indies visit india with marshall india get fallow on in several matches and not only that no indian batsman are able to score good in front of marshall either it is sunil gavaskar,or dilip vengsarkar,k srikant or anybody else.Not only that all the best batsman of this world can able to play against marshall because he is triply ruled by 9 which makes him the fastest bowler of this cricket world but despite this he had taken retirement because his name vibrations are not good as per numerology.

    so if any body wants to check his/her name vibrations they may contact to me.For that they need to send their full name,date of birth,time,and birth place also.Offcourse i will have to check your natal chart also for the placing of planets in your horoscope.


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